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Arådalen nature reserve

Dwarf birch
In 2006, the area around Arådalen was displayed as "Arådalens nature reserve" and is now a component of the europe-wide "Natura 2000"-project. With a dimension of 10.972 ha it ranks among the greatest nature reserves in Jämtland. Huge parts of land in the surrounding area were very important to the local farmers from the towns of Oviken and Myssjön during the past centuries in terms of grazing land. Within the protectorate, there are located among others the mountain pastures of Östra Arådalen und Valskaftet as well as the ridge Busjöfjället and the lake Buhösten. In the depiction of the reserve by the provincial government (Länsstyrelsen) dating from august 2005, you can read the following:

Spruce forest
The landscape is a mosaic of march and woods. There exist highmoors as well as fens. The firm parts of these marches are covered by Lapland-willows, spear-willows and assets of sedges. On softer grounds, which cover large areas, diverse sedge-species dominate. The afforested domains are more or less densely dominated by spruce forests, which are interrupted by single marches. Particularly in higher located areas, deciduous trees like downy birch, dwarf birch and European rowan play a role. Pines are to be found sporadically in or at the borders of marchlands. In parts, there is relatively much lying and standing deadwood as well as a huge proportion of broken or sere, old spruces. These offer an important living space for numerous insects, beetles and mushrooms.

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