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Glen is a small settlement of 4 - 5 Samí families in the southern Oviksfjäll (Oviken mountains) in Jämtland, Sweden. The village is located at the western end of the valley of Arådalen.

Reindeer in the mountains
The surrounding mountains and taiga spruce forests (and marches) are used by the Samí as grazing land for their reindeer. That is why the area around Glen is a declared forbitten zone for snowmobiles. At the norhern edge of the valley, there is a so-called reindeer borderline where the Samí roundup their reindeer and divide the animals into small flocks according to the owners. Here, animals are slaughtered on the premises in autumn, since the sales of reindeer-meat is one of the income sources of the samic habitants. It is thus not uncommon to meet reindeer during a hike.

Glen got access to the road networks in 1964/65 only.

A "kåta", the typical hut of the Samí in northern Sweden
In the north of the Samí-settlement, the lake Glensjö adjoins. It has a lenght of about 4 km and a depth of 40 to 50 m at some points. The Glensjö is known for its rich population of trouts. Examples with a weight of 3 - 5 kg are nothing special, the record lies at over 9 kg. You reach the lake on a simple hike of 4 km through unique nature. The trail is bordered by old places and small cottages where the Samí used to live a long time afore, before they built their houses in Glen. Old catching cavities can as well be found in the surroundings.

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