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Different routes to Björnsbodarna


Different routes to Björnsbodarna

Level of difficulty: low to difficult
Distance: each up from 2-3 hours round trip
Easy forestal path to Björnsbodarna
The easygoing route is suitable for a short hike starting at Gamla Fittjebodarna. In the beginning, you follow a forestal path for about 2,5 km, then, there is a marked path to the mountain pasture.

Along endless swamps, through taiga forests and over brooks – that is the way to Björnsbodarna. Being one of the more difficult hikes, you will need a good map and a compass while walking on the untagged terrain.

Another route of an advanced level of difficulty is starting at Långbodarna, leading you over trails and trackless terrain. In the latter, you hike through the woods and vast swamps, having a brilliant view on the Oviksfjäll. (see also Långbodarna - towards the fjäll and Björnsbodarna)

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