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Frösön was the capital of Jämtland before the city of Östersund was founded. Today, you can find many attractions and sights on the Frösön-island.

Look-out tower on the Frösön-island

In view of Frösön and the ski-slope

Frösön historic church
The Frösö Zoo is open from june till august and invites old and young guests to discover the 700 different species of animals, to learn something new in the biological museum and to have fun in the amusement park. If you are especially interested in culture, you will like the historic church and the rune stone which was built between 1050 and 1080 and which is the northernmost rune stone in Sweden. It reports on the christianisation which was taking place at that time. Those who want to be on the highest point of Frösön can do that on the 483 m high Frösö look-out point. From there you have a lovely view above Östersund and the mountains of Jämtland. If the weather is bright, you can see as far as to Norway.

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