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The Fäbodvägen is a touristic road in the southern part of the Oviksfjäll in Jämtland (Sweden), which leads you from Börtnan in the south to Persåsen in the north.

View from the Fäbodvägen to the Oviksfjäll
Along this road which trails through mountain-close coniferous and birch forest, mountains and large marshes, there are about 30 mountain pastures of which some are farmed. The virtually uninhabitated region between the area of the southern Storsjön and the Oviksfjäll was of a great importance for local farmers until the 20th century in terms of back-country. Here there was access to rich forestal and mountain pasture land as well as fruitful swampland pasture areas. Traces of the highland agriculture are to be observable during decades since the open grazing land around the mountain pastures overgrows extremely slowly. Culturally favoured plants like e.g. the rosebay willowherb (fireweed), buttercups and raspberry bushes are to be found regularly on the older pasture habitats.

View to the Storsjön
The Fäbodvägen was built to be a drivable road in the years of 1964/1965. Before, each year during the summer months of june till august, the farmers of Oviken drove the cattle to the mountain pastures by using simple paths with connected the pastures among each other. Among pastures and villages, there was a good net of paths and tracks of which many are used as hiking trails today.

The mountain pasture of Fittjebodarna at the Fäbodvägen
The most well-known mountain pastures which do farming during summertime are Östra-Arådalen and Långbodarna. The restored mountain pasture of Östra-Arådalen was awarded the international architectural award Europa Nostra in 1991. There are facilities for overnight stay in the mountain cabins of Långbodarna (in the summer) as well as on the Galå Fjällgård in Galåbodarna. Other considerable mountain pastures along the Fäbodvägen are in a Börtnan to Persåsen-view: Västra Galåbodarna, Svedjebodarna, Fittjebodarna and Landsombodarna as well as Nybodarna, Valskaftet, Prästbodarna und Västra Arådalen alongside resp. close to the road to Arådalen and Glen.

The mountain pasture of Galåbodarna at the Fäbodvägen
The mountain pastures are not all in the same repair. On some of the mountain pastures, almost all original buildings are well-preserved, whereas there are only foundation walls and cellar cavities which remain elsewhere. And yet others in turn were reconstructed and now serve as vacation homes. It is typical of the mountain pastures that there is a large number of small non-painted timber cottages, whereat every house had its very own function.

Typical chalets of Jämtland
Three nature reserves which are part of the europe-wide Natura 2000-network board on the Fäbodvägen. These are (from east to west) Marntallsåsens nature reserve, Brötarnas nature reserve and Arådalens nature reserve. Here, the western taiga primeval forest of spruces, the species-rich sedges-grasslands, the swamps and marshes as well as the montane birch forest are particularly appreciated. On the list of estimable mammals, there are the lynx and the wolverine. The marshes partly open, partly covered with old pines in Brötarnas nature reserve serve many birds as nesting site and hunting ground. Thereto count e.g. the red-throated diver, slavonian grebe, hen harrier, merlin, short-eared owl, tengmalm's owl and hazel and black grouse.

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