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White winter in Jämtland
Galåbodarna is a mountain pasture settlement at the base of the Oviksfjäll in Jämtland, Sweden. "Galå" is borrowed from the name of the river Galån which comes from the Oviksfjäll and flows into the Ljungan beneath the village of Börtnan. "Bodarna" is the plural of the word "bod" and denominates a mountain pasture resp. more often a settlement of these, which can be composed of up to 30 cottages. Today, Galåbodarna consists of three meadows with 21 well-preserved chalets altogether. Galåbodarna was categorised very valuable culturally and historically by the Länsstyrelsen of Jämtland (provincial government of Jämtland).

Galåbodarna is often called Västra Galåbodarna, too. There is another small mountain pasture called Östra Galåbodarna which is situated 10 km down the river close to the Galån.

Blockhouses in the snow
The mountain meadows of Galåbodarna are located directly on the junction of the road of the Fäbodvägen from Börtnan to Persåsen and the road to Arådalen and Glen. The chalets were built in the 18th, 19th and 20th century by farmers from Oviken and Myssjö who let their cows graze on the mountain meadows during the summer months. The mountain pastures were farmed until the 1980s. Close to the mountain meadows, since the years of 1960 and 1970, some vacation homes which are private property of habitants of the surrounding villages, were built. Close to the mountain pasture, since 2004, several blockhouses of the Galå Fjällgård were built in traditional construction methods in the style of the chalets. Since 2006, overnight facilities are offered for wanderers and tourists.

The mountain pasture of Galåbodarna during wintertime
From the mountain pasture, there is a good view on the Oviksfjäll which is relatively rapidly reachable over the road of 15 km to Arådalen. The cottages themselves are situated in the midst of virgin taiga spruce forests and vast marches. To the north, after some kilometers, the "Arådalen nature reserve", which is a partially component of the europe-wide "Natura 2000" network, attaches. The species-rich marchlands, the primeval taiga spruce forest and the bordering mountain birch forest make the area so appreciated. Here, the native species are lynx, wolverine and brown bear, who share their natural habitat with moose, reindeer, black grouse, capercaillie and golden eagles.

The landscape is attractive for nature lovers, wanderers and collecters of mushrooms and berries, as well as it is an area for doing cross-country skiing. Not far from the mountain pastures, the Jämt-Norgevägen, a historic pilgrimage route from Selånger at the Swedish Gulf of Bothnia to Trondheim in Norway crosses the way.

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