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View on Oviken
Oviken is a town in the southern part of the Storsjö lake in Jämtland, Sweden. The fertile landscape between the Storsjö in the east and the fjäll (mountains) in the west is marqued by a long standing agrarian culture. The name Oviken is assumedly an original place name which can be translated best with "ford". This is documented since the year of 1314.

The parish of Oviken, which counts as well many towns and villages of the surrounding area, has two churches. The "new" church was inaugurated in 1905, but it is only used for concerts or summer worships. Nontheless, it offers space for about 1.000 persons. In the wintertime, it is not used out of reasons of economy. As community-church, the old church from the 16th century is used again today. The township counts about 1.300 people now, by the year 1913, it were still 2.200.

Ovikens old church
Today, Oviken belongs to the commune of Berg. In the west of Oviken, there is the Oviksfjäll. It is the closest massif to the Storsjö. It is also the only fjäll which can be seen from the city of Östersund. Since the 18th century, the farms in Oviken operate the mountain pastures along the so-called Fäbodvägen, which is located at the boundaries of the fjäll and leads into the direction of Västra Galåbodarna in the west and into the direction of Arådalen.

In Oviken, the trotting race has a long standing tradition. In the 1920s already, there were trotting races on the snow and the ice and since the building of the harness racing track in 1972, in summer, there are races annually. Furthermore, there is a runway for aeroplanes in Oviken.

The interior of the new church in Oviken
The well-known architect Ferdinand Boberg travelled trough the country at the beginning of the 20th century and drew interesting buildings. In Oviken, he made the following drawings: "Gravkapell på kyrkogården", "Härbrä vid sjöstranden", "Kyrkokomplexet" and "Loge med inbyggd tröskverksvandring". They were all sketched in the summer of 1918.

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